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Student stipends

In early July, 2008, CBS managers held working meetings with their counterparts in the Belarusian Studies program at the European Humanities University (EHU),Vilnius, Lithuania.  Among the many areas for cooperation discussed, the issue of stipends for incoming students into the program emerged as a critical one, given the high cost of living in Euro-zone Lithuania.

CBS thereupon sought financial support in the U.S. donor community.

The Orsa Romano Cultural and Education Foundation for Belarusan Affairs has responded generously.  It is providing CBS with funds to allot stipends for four of the incoming EHU Belarusian Studies students:  100 Euros per month per student for up to the entire academic year (ten months). CBS administers these funds through established academic channels directly with the EHU Belarusian Studies program.

Inter alia, CBS assures quality control over  selection and academic progress by each recipient student, as well as control over the disbursement process.

Professor M. Paula Survilla, CBS Executive Director, expressed the Center’s gratitude to the Orsa Romano Foundation and personally to its President, Dr. Alla O. Romano.

“With EHU’s Belarusian Studies program under severe financial and possibly other pressures,” Prof. Survilla stated, “the Center for Belarusian Studies is extremely pleased to assist in enabling worthy students to commence their academic work at EHU focused on Belarus.  Our effort is directly in keeping with CBS’ mandate and mission.  I wish to express sincere thanks to the Orsa Romano Foundation for its financial assistance and for working through CBS to assure successful implementation of the stipend effort.”


Masters Program

In 2010 the Center for Belarusian Studies, together with Southwestern College, welcomed the first Belarusian students into the newly designed Masters Degree in Leadership with an emphasis on Belarusian Studies.

The rationale behind this initiative was to provide continuing education for students who had graduated with undergraduate degrees in Belarusian Studies and did not have access to Belarusian-language Masters programs in their field in European universities.

The program included on-campus course-work in the United States culminating in a discipline-specific internship completed in Belarus. Our current program is designed through collaborations between scholars and program directors at Southwestern and several counterparts at other U.S. and EU institutions.

The Center for Belarusian Studies is proud to announce that A. Rydzeuskaya and V. Mikhalevich have successfully completed all of their degree requirements for a Master’s Degree in Leadership. While they were busy studying matters such as principles of conflict resolution and leadership ethics, they also found time to teach Belarusian musical tradition at the June 2010 summer music festival.

Both Belarusian graduate students have returned home and are now working in fields that allow them to combine their leadership skills with their undergraduate education in Belarusian Studies.

The first manifestation of this initiative could not have been possible without the generous support of the Orsa-Romano foundation, George Akula , and Alesia Kipel and the family of Dr. George Kipel. Currently, the Center is poised to continue an expanded Masters in Leadership with a new class in 2012.


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