Opening (2008)

Opening (2008)

Grand Opening of the Center for Belarusian Studies was held in Wichita (Hyatt Regency Hotel) on April, 19, 2008. 

Keynote speaker: Mr. Stanislau Shushkevich, First Head of State of Independent Belarus


Mr. Stanislau Shushkevich

  • Reports in Belarusian media
  • Reports in US media
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Speech by Mr. Stanislau S. Shushkevich, First Head of State (1991-1994) (download)

Reports on Grand Opening in Belarusian media:

  1. Radio Svaboda:
  2. Radio Svaboda:
  3. Novaja Europa:
  4. Belorusskije Novosti:

Online-conference with Ambassador David Swartz on Radio Svaboda

U.S. Media:

  1. International Herald Tribune –
  2. Wichita Eagle:
  3. The Legal Record:
  4. SCollegian:


Photos from the Grand Opening:

On photo: Mr. S. Shushkevich' delivering the Opening speech.On photo: Mr. S. Shushkevich’ delivering the Opening speech. 

On photo: former U.S. Ambassador to Belarus David SwartzOn photo: former U.S. Ambassador to Belarus David Swartz 

On photo: Alaxandr LahviniecOn photo: Aliaksandr Lahvinets 

On photo: Dr. Zina GempelevichOn photo: Dr. Zina Gempelevich 

On photo: Belarusian bard Siarzhuk Sokalau-VojushOn photo: Belarusian bard Siarzhuk Sokalau-Vojush 



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