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The Center for Belarusian Studies supports one or more visiting scholars annually.

The purpose of this program is to encourage the professional development of carefully selected Belarusian scholars through a variety of activities at the Center, located in Winfield, Kansas, USA, and elsewhere in the United States. Typically, the visiting scholars are recent graduates of master’s or doctoral programs (or their equivalents), are native speakers of Belarusian, and have a demonstrated commitment not only to returning to Belarus following the program but to working actively toward that country’s societal renaissance.

Visiting scholars lecture at the Center and elsewhere within the Southwestern College academic community, at civic gatherings in the local community and regionally, and at other institutions of higher education in the United States on topics related to the professional competencies of the scholar as well as, more generally, on Belarus-history, culture, current events.

During the 2009-2010 academic year, this program allowed for the development and teaching of an undergraduate course on Belarus at Southwestern College. The class is the first of its kind in the American university system and is ongoing.

Scholars also meet, as invited, with communities of the North American Belarusian Diaspora to brief them on developments in Belarus and to publicize widely the existence and activities of the Center for Belarusian Studies. In addition, the Center facilitates attendance at professional conferences as a Center representative, such as the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), presenting papers where appropriate and developing contacts with scholars in the United States and Canada.

To date we have hosted five visiting scholars from Belarus.

While in residence in 2006, Mr. Aliakasandr Lahvinets lectured widely and attended the Global Learning Conference at Wichita State University.

Mr. Lahvinets has served as a Senior Lecturer at the French-Belarusian Department for Political Sciences and European Studies at the European Humanities University of Belarus. He was a Parliamentary candidate for the pro-democracy party in the Sukharava District of Minsk and prepared for that campaign while in residence. In the year following his residency, he was awarded the Schwarzkopf Europe Prize by the Young Europeans of that foundation. He has also served as an adviser and personal assistant to Dr. Aliaksandr Milinkevich.

Mr. Dzmitri Korenko served as the visiting scholars from 2006-2007. At the time of his residency, he was a Ph.D. student at the Polish Academy of Sciences. In addition to furthering his research interests, Dzmitri designed and taught a course for undergraduate students in which he introduced U.S. students to Belarusian studies. Although Dzmitri has returned to Belarus, he remains connected to the Center for Belarusian studies and serves as a language interpreter for various symposia. When Dzmitri is not working in new media, he teaches at the European Humanities University, Lithuania.

Mr. Piotr Rudkouski was the visiting scholar for 2007. A member of the Dominican Order and a promising philosopher, Piotr wrote a variety of academic articles while in residence.

Ms. Nadzeya Sychuhova, actively worked to catalog archival donations to the CBS and she presented to both academic and Diaspora audiences. While she was in residence, Nadzeya served as a mentor to Belarusian graduate students, she designed and taught a course in Belarusian Studies, and she was instrumental in helping Southwestern College Academic Press produce its first book in Belarusian Studies.

Mr. Aliaksandr Paharely joined the Center for Belarusian Studies in 2010. He holds Master’s degrees in History from Belarus State University and specialized in the ethnic identity of the Catholic Population of Belarus in the mid 19th-early 20th century. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Institute of Philosophy and and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ales has actively presented his scholarship at a number of professional conferences and will be in residence at the Center for Belarusian Studies 2011-2012



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