The Center for Belarusian Studies is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2014-2015 Visiting Scholar

Position Description:

The Center for Belarusian Studies supports one or more visiting scholars annually. The purpose of
this program is to encourage the professional development of carefully selected Belarusian scholars
through a variety of activities at the Center, located in Winfield, Kansas, USA, and elsewhere in the
United States. Typically, the visiting scholars are recent graduates of master’s or doctoral
programs (or their equivalents), are active scholars and researchers, are native speakers of
Belarusian, and have a demonstrated commitment not only to returning to Belarus following the
program but to working actively toward that country’s societal renaissance.


CBS Visiting Scholars are expected to continue their research goals, contribute to professional and
classroom presentation on Belarus (according to area specialties), as well as contribute 20 hours
per week to the running of the Center.
In addition to pursuing their own research goals, visiting scholars lecture at the Center and
elsewhere within the Southwestern College academic community, at civic gatherings in the local
community and regionally, and at other institutions of higher education in the United States on
topics related to the professional competencies of the scholar as well as, more generally, on
Belarus-history, culture, current events. This program allows for the development and teaching of
one or more undergraduate courses on Belarus at Southwestern College during the scholar’s
tenure on campus.

Scholars also meet, as invited, with communities of the North American Belarusian Diaspora to brief
them on developments in Belarus and to publicize widely the existence and activities of the Center
for Belarusian Studies. In addition, the Center facilitates attendance at professional conferences as
a Center representative in giving peer reviewed papers. The Center offers financial aid for such
presentations where deemed appropriate.

When necessary, visiting scholars have supported special events organized by the Center (such as
conferences and symposia), by acting as presenters, aiding in logistical planning, and providing
language interpretation for visiting dignitaries and scholars.

The Visiting Scholar is responsible, under the supervision of the CBS associate executive director
at Southwestern and the CBS office manager, for maintaining the CBS web site and the Center’s
Facebook page. This responsibility includes the following: 1) technical capability to post, delete,
and manipulate web content and design; 2) responsibility for generating draft site material for
review by CBS managers and posting; 3) posting material generated by CBS managers or others.

Deadline for Submission: June 1, 2014

Application for Visiting Scholar Position CBS 2014-2015

1. Personal information (you may attach a CV).
Date of Birth:
Current Position:
Research Interests:
Teaching Experience:
Pertinent Extra Curricular Interests:
2. Short essay or statement (approximately 500 words) as to why the applicant feels he/she would
benefit from the program and outlining the applicant’s long-term professional goals (this essay
should be written in English);
3. Time period for which the applicant is applying (the Center prefers that scholars be available for
an academic year, i.e. from early September through early June);
4. A list of at least three references and their contact information;
5. Preferred date(s) for a personal interview (typically the Center conducts interviews for this
program in either: Vilnius, Lithuania, or Warsaw, Poland); or by Skype or telephone conference
when necessary.
Applications should be submitted by email to:
Dr. M. Paula Survilla
Executive Director
Center for Belarusian Studies
at Southwestern College

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